Lola Project Network

The LOLA project network

The project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between 3 UK Universities: Manchester, Liverpool and Warwick. Current and past members of staff include:

Based in Manchester

  • Dr Elzbieta Borysiewicz (Postdoc)
  • Dr Polly Downton (Postdoc)
  • Dr Claire Harper (Senior Postdoc)
  • Prof Dean Jackson (CoI)
  • Dr Connie Lam (Senior Postdoc)
  • Prof Andrew Loudon (CoI)
  • Anne McNamara (Senior Postdoc)
  • Dr Mark Muldoon (CoI)
  • Dr Pawel Paszek (CoI)
  • Prof David Ray (CoI)
  • Dr Dave Spiller (CoI)
  • Prof Mike White (Lead PI)

Based in Warwick:

  • Dr Till Bretschneider (CoI)
  • Dr Barbel Finkenstadt (CoI)
  • Dr Giorgos Minas (Postdoc)
  • Dr Sascha Ott (CoI)
  • Prof David Rand (CoI)
  • Ben Swallow (Research Fellow)

Project Summary

As we get older our immune system tends to get weaker and it becomes increasingly difficult to shake off diseases. At the same time we tend to develop arthritis and other auto-immune diseases which are localised instances of uncontrolled inflammation. In this grant application our multidisciplinary team of scientists consisting of physiologists, biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists aim to look at a very important signalling system NF-kappaB. This system plays an important role in stress and the immune responses and determines the fate of cells in the body, which is essential for general health and wellbeing. We will use a combined experimental and mathematical approach to analyse integrated systems that control NF-kappaB signalling in normal cells and tissues.

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Past Events

  • UK & Ireland NF-kappaB Workshop, Newcastle (June 2017)
  • NF-kB Conference, Cuba (June 2017)
  • NF-kappaB Conference, Corfu (Oct 2016)
  • Systems Microscopy Centre Open Day 6 October 2015, Manchester University
  • UK/Ireland NF-kappaB meeting, April 2013, Liverpool


The project has benefited from generous sponsorship from Carl Zeiss Ltd, Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd and Newport Spectra-Physics Ltd.