Systems Microscopy Group Overview

The Systems Microscopy Centre (SMC) is led by Prof. Michael White, working closely with other key groups. The SMC has been established as a part of a strategic focus on systems biology research within The University of Manchester in order to provide quantitative data to tackle the emerging complexity of biological systems.

White Group

Associate Groups

Professor Dean Jackson

Dr Pawel Paszek


Past Members

  • Antony Adamson
  • Louise Ashall
  • Raheela Awais
  • Denise Bakstead
  • Stephanie Baldwin
  • Christopher Boddington
  • James Boyd
  • Lloyd Bridge
  • Ruth Brignall
  • Damon Daniels
  • Karen Dunn
  • Amro EBbiary
  • Kate Goodheart
  • Miroslava Hukelova
  • Fanni Kleinert
  • Emanuela Montiero
  • Rachel Nelson
  • Nisha Patel
  • Angela Pisco
  • Katie Roberts
  • Will Rowe
  • Sheila Ryan
  • Kate Sillitoe
  • Tom Walker
  • Lange Wang

Associate Members

  • Stamatia Papoutsopoulou

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